Can we escape from NSA?

If you follow the web for the last two weeks you probably know about that little (ugly) leaked PowerPoint that explains a NSA program called PRISM.

It was a guy named Edward Snowden that found out and left a job that provided a great income at the NSA because he didn’t wanted to be part of this.

Here is an interview at the Guardian.

Whether we believe his motives or not, PRISM exists more than 5 years now.

You can see that most of the streams we use today, even our operating systems and our email providers feed data to NSA.

If someone gets tagged even by mistake, the NSA can search to his past without a judge order or any control.

If you want to learn more about PRISM just search the web.

My concern was If I can protect my self. My first thought was to leave Social Media completely. After that, dump google and start using DuckDuckGo for my online searches, dump Gmail and find a service that PRISM has no effect on and dump my Mac OS X for my Ubuntu partition and even switch that to Debian.

VPN and tunnelling is not very efficient so I wouldn’t do that:P

But even if I do all these, I am not safe. Because not everyone I communicate does that and the servers we use for all these get tracked (HTTPS is only a partial measure) and while services get added to the PRISM trunk the internet becomes smaller.

Most of us got nothing to hide. But we don’t want to get checked every time we send a mail.

Should we get used to it?

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