My name is Tasos Sangiotis, I am an engineer who likes to take photos.

This is my little place on the web. I put here my collection of rants and little essays.

I study Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Patras. There I do flying robots cause that’s my thing. Right now I am working on a VTOL Aircraft.

I also work on other engineering projects for the University or other companies.

Finally, I run It is a community that lives on a server. Ask for a username and you can have your own account on a small little server to do whatever you want. My personal page there is a collection of recent book reads.

Online I have a very original username. It’s tsangiotis. Follow the little icons around the site and you will end up in my social accounts fairly easy.

To contact me Twitter is probably better, but if you want to email me just use [email protected].

Have fun!