Tasos Sangiotis

Inputs & Outputs

Coronavirus & Chill

One of the terrors of staying home for the coronavirus is the lack of outside leisure time.

You may work remotely by day if you can, but when the night comes you need something to accompany that whiskey, wine or beer glass. Don’t need to mention that alcohol in any other form is unacceptable.


With that in mind I present the following books, movies and drinks, optimized for well… staying inside.

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Prepping for a Lunar Eclipse

Just a week before my trip to Sifnos I discovered that a Total Lunar eclipse would take place on my second day there. So I planed to take a picture. Or two. Probably around 40. You will see how I got to this number, how I planned this shoot and how everything was thrown away.

However the research and tools used may prove useful to other people.

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Open thy house

As I rise above the ground somewhere in the centre of Athens, my phone starts chiming hard. It’s the third call from Dimitra reminding me once again that I am late. I figure it is time to answer.

“Morning! I am steps away… I just need to find the entrance.”

“Hurry up! It’s almost our turn at the queue”, she mumbles.

It is the fourth year that the Open House project takes place in Athens. Open House is an institution for the promotion of architecture. The public is kindly invited to explore and understand the value of architecture and naturally one must respond to such invitation. Sunday’s adventure involves exploring private and public spaces through Athens that participate in the initiative with architectural tours. Hooray!

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Focus advice

I know this is exactly the time o’ clock that every doofus tries to submerge you in their wise minds by sharing a tip or two about productivity and life advice but bear with me. I read a couple of good posts doing exactly that from friends and I figured that I might as well throw my bullshit free brilliance out there.

I am powering through one of the most intense periods of my life so far. I have multiple high maintenance and difficult projects, none of which can be left behind. The world feels like a racetrack made of ice and I have to run, which I like. But if I slip things are going to get nasty. That means, efficiency is key and the hunt for that peak effectiveness has showed me some dos and don’ts.

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Surviving an attack from the Chinese

Among the ridiculous projects I have had out in the open, the most long running one is called perispomeni.club. It is a dead simple, tiny linux machine inspired by Paul Ford’s tilde.club. People respectfully use together that machine in their shared quest to learn and build awesome web pages.

However it was a surprise when one of the users sent me a private email with a security concern.

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A pile of scam

Some time ago I got that email.

FROM: Francisco May
TO: Tasos
SUBJECT: Re: i await your urgent respond

Hi Tasos,

Compliment of the day, am happy to hear from you again, I am Ms. May Ann Francisco, a staff of the PNB — Philippine National Bank — Pasay City. here in the Philippines. I have a project for you, Is it confidential to discuss here? Well, my percentage is good for an offer but before I begin with you, are you comfortable being an international partner to a project?.

I will await for your response before I give you more vital details on this project. Your response to my email will be kept confidential.

Ms. May Ann Francisco

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