• Microsoft ruins my computer

    Microsoft ruins my computer

    “That username looks like it belongs to another organization. Try signing in again or start over with a different account” The Windows installation wizard (remember wizards?) Continue reading

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    Ήταν ένας μήνας εκθέσεων για την Arpedon. Αρχικά το maintenance forum. Και έπειτα η Euronaval όπου ήμασταν μέρος του εθνικού περιπτέρου. Αυτό το μήνα έχω δύο βιβλία στη ζώνη μου: New pins 📌 Continue reading

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    Τελευταία ακούω Audiobooks. Έχω μαζέψει πάνω από 12 ώρες αυτό το μήνα. 30 λεπτά το πρωί, 30 το απόγευμα και λίγα ακόμα στις μεγαλύτερες διαδρομές μου. Το αποτέλεσμα είναι σχεδόν να έχω ολοκληρώσει 3 βιβλία. Σε αυτά είναι και το Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! για το οποίο έγραψα ένα μικρό review. New pins 📌 Continue reading

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    Let’s make this newsletter an actual newsletter. Bellow are new posts, new photos, new pins. New posts ✍️ New pins 📌 Continue reading

  • Tuscan roads

    Μόλις γυρίσαμε από ένα ταξίδι στη βόρεια Ιταλία. Θυσιάσαμε το ελληνικό καλοκαίρι για brunello και ζυμαρικά και άξιζε. Οπότε αυτό το site μετατρέπεται προσωρινά στο food blog που θα ντροπιάσει τα food blogs. Φλωρεντία Το ταξίδι ξεκίνησε εδώ. Η Φλωρεντία είναι η μεγαλύτερη πόλη της περιφέρειας της Τοσκάνης με γραφικούς πλακόστρωτους δρόμους, εντυπωσιακές γέφυρες και… Continue reading

  • How to revert a revert to avoid a revert of revert

    I fucked up a git thing. I merged a big ui change that hadn’t tested with real data and resulted in crashes. No problem, I revert but how you continue working after? The Linux kernel team has an answer. As per their explanations this is my preferred method of those explained: Continue reading

  • Get mains out of my signal

    Power-frequency interference gets picked up through insufficiently shielded instrumentation or electricly generated mechanical faults. While correct installation, ground loop avoidance and elimination of other sources is the goal sometimes it is not possible. Bellow is the timeseries and spectrum of an heterodyned output ultrasound sensor. It transfers the high frequency signals to the accoustic range.… Continue reading

  • TIL I learn

    Recently I stumbled upon Simon Willison‘s of Django and Datasette fame TIL project. It is a public scratchpad of sorts and I like the idea. That guy scratches a lot though. I bookmark all kinds of stuff without really getting back to it and take notes on many places. Some notes though and especially those for programming reference I want to go… Continue reading

  • Redirecting from urls.py

    I made some changes and slashed a page. Now it is possible some users have the page bookmarked or on an email and I wanted this to work but to not retain the url. At the same time I did’t want to create a view just for that. There is a better way: Continue reading

  • Simpler search using Turbo Frames

    Yesterday I wrote about a search implementation using icontains filters. It made me think of a simpler implementation on the HTMl side. In the past couple of years “extensions” to HTML that are not a full JS frameworks are getting poppular. We use the Hotwire. A useful feature of Hotiwire is that you can make a request through… Continue reading

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