Universal Raspberry Pi Remote

I am getting mad of the remote controller in the house.

Actually I use three:

  • The TV remote
  • The Radio/iPod/CD Player remote
  • The Air Condition remote

Some time ago I fell on this post. It is an IR receiver & emitter circuit attached to a Raspberry Pi. I had some spare time so I decided to build it!

Circuitry was fairly easy.

Parts I used:

Infrared LED : Had a spare one but you can use any from an old remote
IR Receiver : I used a TSOP382. You can use any BUT check the datasheet!
NPN Transistor : I don't know the part code
1.5Ω Resistor : It just has to be really low
220Ω Resistor : Nothing to say here

You can see the connections clearly here:

After the first assembly and testing I made it smaller using a strip board:

And this is what we end up with: