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Coronavirus & Chill

One of the terrors of staying home for the coronavirus is the lack of outside leisure time.

You may work remotely by day if you can, but when the night comes you need something to accompany that whiskey, wine or beer glass. Don’t need to mention that alcohol in any other form is unacceptable.


With that in mind I present the following books, movies and drinks, optimized for well… staying inside.

I could use the money for buying masks and gloves so the books have Amazon affiliate links attached. Buy everything and make me rich, now you have all the time in the world to get your reading done.

To Read

747: Creating the World's First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation – Joe Sutter, Jay Spenser

You will miss airplanes and travel for a bit. Everyone's favorite part of the trip.

The antidote is the thrilling story behind "the Queen of the Skies" the Boeing 747 as told by Joe Sutter, one of the most celebrated engineers of the twentieth century, who spearheaded its design and construction.

Almost everything about the 747 was unprecedented and his team were not the most star spangled awesome people at Boeing. Those were chasing the supersonic dream. Guess who stands today at airports watching the plane they designed to take off and land countless times everyday.

If you are a maker, an aviation enthusiast or you like stories that leave a mark, there is a book for you.

Days of Abandonment – Elena Ferrante

This book I read in a day.

It is the story of a woman's descent into devastating emptiness and madness after being abandoned by her husband with two young children to care for. She feels trapped like you do those days. It is a fitting book.

Also there is a conspiracy involving the author of the book. Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym. Googling will help you pass the time

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

The collapse of society is not upon us but the situation draws similarities.

In this big fat book that can get you through the pandemic, Ayn Rand tries to communicate her theory of Objectivism. It expresses the advocacy of reason, individualism, and capitalism, and depicts what Rand saw to be the failures of governmental coercion.

Some people treat her words like gospel. Others say she is a complete asshole. This ensures that you will not regret reading this book.

There is a 3 part movie based on this book. Complete garbage. Don't even try.

The Master and Margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov

This is a contender for your favorite book price.

The devil meddles with mortals and performs magic tricks, a love story gets told in a psych ward, witches, Jesus and Pilatus have weird conversations.

Some people think of this as the best Rusian novel of the 20th century.

There are even supporting guides for this book.

To watch

I will not get into the details. Don’t want to spoil anything.

No country for old men – 2007

The best movie yet from the Coen brothers.

True Grit – 2010

That girl is awesome!

Django Unchained – 2012

Ultimate action, romance and revenge.

Moonlight – 2016

This movie I haven't seen. I really want to. But I can vouch for it cause I made the Pollo a la Plancha from the movie and it was delicious.

To drink

Alcohol kills the virus. Bad alcohol kills the mood.

This is the good stuff.

Bruichladdich – The classic laddie

That single malt whiskey sparked a whole trip to Scotland for me and my folks.

It is smooth but strong and kinda fruity. Drink with a dash of cold water. It makes its scent stronger.

If you have the cash, try the Black Art from the same distillery.

Monkey Shoulder

This was a very welcome Christmas gift. Best blend I ever had.

Again this one is smooth but it packs a punch. The spicy flavor is a treat

According to the Monkey Shoulder website: "Some say it tastes just like riding bareback on the wild moors of Scotland with a flame haired maiden on Christmas morning. Others agree it tastes like 007 wearing a tuxedo wetsuit." This is whisky to be enjoyed.

BARDA Pinot Noir 2018 - Bodega Chacra

I didn't know Patagonia makes wines but apparently they do and they do it great for Pinot Noir.

I know because I generally dislike the variety but this one I loved. Usually that means something. So go try it!

If things get worse I might come back with more stuff.

Until then stay inside and flip a page or two.

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