TIL I learn

Recently I stumbled upon Simon Willison’s of Django and Datasette fame TIL project.

It is a public scratchpad of sorts and I like the idea. That guy scratches a lot though.

I bookmark all kinds of stuff without really getting back to it and take notes on many places. Some notes though and especially those for programming reference I want to go back to and even have some examples attached.

Those notes I want to make into little posts tagged #til.

On my site along with the vast amount of prose you will find those snippets. To get you started, here is the latest additions:

Simple django search
For the last couple of years, whatever decomposing has happend on Mechbase has happened through Turbo.

Simpler search using Turbo Frames

Ok, I needed two search results

Python instance check
Ones and Zeros get messy on dynamically typed languages. Crash that if statement.
Setting a variable default datetime value in Django/python

Beware, when you reach this problem, your actual problem is elsewhere.

That’s it for today. If you have any notes of your own let me know so I can steal them.

Image title

Until next time.

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