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MARVELlous Music

OK, Marvel Entertainment, LLC or whatever your full name is. What you are doing to music, it has to... Continue!

I just finished the latest Marvel superhero series. It's about the indestructible black man named Luke Cage. He lives in Harlem, NY and wants to be left alone but personal reasons convince him to fight the mafia leaving me once again astonished by the selection of music made by the producers. 

U Can’t Touch This

No bro, it is not cool when I enter the room, you use my computer and then ask me if it’s cool. It wasn’t when you started it and it is not now.

A smart and witty Martian

Just yesterday I finished reading The Martian. I wont lie, this book is not for eveyone but I really liked it.

Mark Whitney, an engineer and botanist, was left on Mars by accident and he has to survive some years since he has even a chance to get back to Earth.

While he is at the same time the luckiest and unluckiest person on Mars he manages to crack jokes all the time.

Here are some of the highlights I made on Kindle (WARNING! Minor spoilers ahead, proceed with caution)!