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Surviving an attack from the Chinese

Among the ridiculous projects I have had out in the open, the most long running one is called It is a dead simple, tiny linux machine inspired by Paul Ford’s People respectfully use together that machine in their shared quest to learn and build awesome web pages.

However it was a surprise when one of the users sent me a private email with a security concern.

Aircraft design the NASA way

I have not said anything about it here but my thesis is about a VTOL aircraft. That stands for Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft. If this is nonsense to you, don’t worry. You can just watch Jeremy Clarkson explain it in TopGear fashion in the video bellow.

Basically it combines a copter and a plane allowing to take off and land without the need for an airstrip like a copter but cruise at the speed of a plane providing autonomy. It’s a rad concept.

But how does one design and build a thing like that?

Jekyll for Android v1.0

After a couple of months around this project it reached

a stage where maybe it is not super stable but it is usable and pretty ok for my needs.

It provides:

  • UI that is simple and I like.
  • Ability to commit a new post through Github API.
  • Keeps a draft.
  • A list of the user's posts.
  • Ability to edit previous posts.

Here are some screenshots:

The source code is available and always will be on Github.
I think about publishing the app on Google Play Store for a small
price (let's a dollar or two) mainly to get back the money from that Developer account.

What you will get is easy updates through the Play Store and the happiness of buying me a beer.

You can download the latest binary here.

What do you think about it?
Let me know! :)

Jekyll for Android

Some months ago I ditched my WordPress blog and fall for a platform calledJekyll (I wrote about it here).

Being hosted on Github was a great advantage but what happens when I want to post from my smartphone or tablet?

Cloning the whole project with some client and pushing it up again seemed stupid for just one file, the setup of which was pleasant because the filename should be something in the form of:

and the beginning of the file:

layout: post
title: "The Title"
summary: ""

So these days I started a little project called Jekyll for Android.

It is a little simple client for android that allows you to publish a post on your Jekyll blog if it is hosted on Github!

It it uses Github's API and offers a Markdown Preview to check if your post looks ok (very Alpha feature) .

If you find it useful fork it, make it better or just use it!

You can find the project here!

P.S.: I wrote this post with it so it looks like it works! :p

ELOT-743 translator

I had a task to translate a big Greek address book in English.

Due to the fact that Greek Language is full of special characters, a problem occurred when passports where to be created. There should be a fixed way to translate names from Greek to English.
So the ELOT-743 standard was created to solve the confusion