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Open thy house

As I rise above the ground somewhere in the centre of Athens, my phone starts chiming hard. It’s the third call from Dimitra reminding me once again that I am late. I figure it is time to answer.

“Morning! I am steps away… I just need to find the entrance.”

“Hurry up! It’s almost our turn at the queue”, she mumbles.

It is the fourth year that the Open House project takes place in Athens. Open House is an institution for the promotion of architecture. The public is kindly invited to explore and understand the value of architecture and naturally one must respond to such invitation. Sunday’s adventure involves exploring private and public spaces through Athens that participate in the initiative with architectural tours. Hooray!

Shooting film

Remember when my camera had the worst swim ever?

Well, I figured I could use the old film camera my grandfather bought on one of his trips. It is a Pentax camera from the 60s, very advanced for it’s age and relatively new as they mostly used it for family pictures. It has only manual controls, it looks cool and I could learn a thing or two from the absence of any automation.

So I picked up a film cartridge from Kodak and threw the camera in my backpack before a daytrip to Patras where I had some chores to run for my thesis.

The results were gratifying! Much better than what I was expecting.

Rome Travel Log #1

I am in Rome with family!

Never made such series of posts (and in no way I guarantee that this would not be for today only) but as my timetable is not so strict and I actually have time to write it it is a good chance to keep my blogging habit.

Let's start...

First we visited Piazza Venezia and the Altare della Patria.

Inside the Altare della Patria is located, the Monument of the Unknown Soldier.

Lot's of military history there.

We bought some Hop On - Hop Off tickets and we headed to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon.

People with Selfie Rods running around taking pictures with the Hole while some were praying.

Here is a Photo Sphere: