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Running streak

For 5 days now I run every day morning or afternoon. And it’s great!

I tried to form this habit many times in the past but for some reason it did not stick. At some point, my excuse would be that I could not find time and one day out of the loop was enough to throw me out of it.

Casey is very motivating in that stuff so for the first time I decided to make running (among other things) a priority.

Social media frenzy

It all started with Twitter.. or foursquare... or Snapchat!

I think it was foursquare though. Twitter in Greece was not that popular and foursquare was a funny game for me. I even checked "in" at the bus stop.

Anyhow. The last two months I've been under the Snapchat frenzy and friends I razzed about their addiction are coming out swinging.