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Focus advice

I know this is exactly the time o’ clock that every doofus tries to submerge you in their wise minds by sharing a tip or two about productivity and life advice but bear with me. I read a couple of good posts doing exactly that from friends and I figured that I might as well throw my bullshit free brilliance out there.

Just kill the messenger

We are all in constant search of the perfect chat app. Myself, I thought I had things settled with my beloved Facebook Messenger. Little did I know it would break my heart.

Is it futile to un-Google?

I was watching Citizenfour the other day so you may understand my confusion.

I can say that I am privacy aware. On a high level, I understand how things work. I use a different strong password for everything, I have a GPG key and I opt for using open source services that make security a priority.

However I still use services that are not so privacy centric. I use Facebook and nearly all Google Services (Search, Gmail, Drive, Photos, etc.). These two alone can show you everything about me.

According to Edward Snowden's revelations everything is busted. Dropbox, Google, Apple.. You are not safe.

On the bright side, Snowden notes that the big software companies are doing steps in the right direction.

But let's say I stop using services from these companies and find alternatives. Am I really doing anything except dealing with bad UX experiences and beta software?

Questions after No

It was a rough and fast week. From the announcement of the Greek referendum to the announcement of the final and big No.

That was little time to think about many things for me and for everyone.

However the million (Euro?) question was the following:

What is the plan?

Not the plan of the government, not the plan of the people and not even the plan of the rest European leaders.

What is the grand plan? Is there any?

Nobody really knows but I write this trying to put my thoughts and mental simulations in order. I believe I will fail but it would be interesting. Let’s calmly answer some questions.

Ας μην ξανακολλάμε

Όσο άσχετο και να είναι το δημοψήφισμα ως προς το ερώτημά του πλέον, σαν Έλληνες έχουμε πάρει θέσεις ηχηρά και οπαδικά ως συνήθως. Αναπόφευκτα λοιπόν τσακωνόμαστε και ξεκατινιαζόμαστε. Άριστοι σε αυτό από τα βάθη της ιστορίας.