An easy Media Server and Time Machine

I hate mess… So I like remote solutions!

One thing that bothers me is the USB cable that I always have connected on my computer. On it’s other end, lies a 1TB Hard Drive that stores my Time Machine backup.

From time to time I stream movies via Plex from the same hard disk. That’s because I don’t want to store movies on my low capacity Macbook Air.

Since I got my Chromecast, Plex has gone to the top of my “Useful Software” list as it supports Chromecast and I can stream the Movies without connecting a HDMI cable.

So what I need? A HDD in my network that hosts my media and my backups.

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Mr. Freeman

From Wikipedia:

Mr. Freeman is a Russian animated web series named after its main character. The series appeared on YouTube on September 21, 2009 and got considerable popularity in Runet. The main content of the series is monologues which in a harsh manner criticize the lifestyle of modern everyman. As of August 16, 2012 there are 19 episodes published. The total number of views is more than 35 million.

I discovered Mr. Freeman by this video last year which I saved on my Favourites list on Youtube. Today as I was cleaning up this list, I rediscovered it and felt like sharing.

You may say you are not that guy for whom he is talking about but chances are you have a lot in common. Agreeing or not with him and his opinion of you there is sure some food for thought in his words.

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