Does Greece have a plan?

How can a country afford to be so unready all the time?

I am talking about Greece. We were the centre of the world for a while some days ago for the 4 month bailout extension we got in February. And of course for our controversial Minister of Economics, Mr. Varoufakis.

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The new MacBook is not there yet

I literally wrote the title at the start of the Apple Watch announcement at Apple’s “Spring Forward” event. It was “The new MacBook is awesome”.

Then I changed it.

I am not an Apple fanboy by any means. I bought my 13” MacBook Air at the end of 2012 because it was the best computer for the money and my needs at the time of buy.

I’ve absolutely loved it.

It still performs really well and to me and my workflow, it is the much lighter, longer battery, less noisy Linux machine I had without the quirks and the annoying graphics card problems.

When I saw the new MacBook I was stunned. I wanted to have it.

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Working with people

The world nowadays works in teams and as you may know I’ ve been involved in many teams around this time.

This team can be a startup, a group, a hackerspace or even you and your friends. When some people do something together they are a team. And a good team acts like a good piece of machinery.

Working in teams is hard but also very efficient. If a team is managed correctly, many extraordinary things can be done.

This is what I’ve understood about being in teams and learning from my mistakes and others’.

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Get a Password Manager Now

There is a new breach boy in town and this time is called ShellShock.

Researchers claim that it is a lot worst than Heardbleed.

It is a Bash bug that allows almost anyone to execute commands to a remote machine.

For more about that here.

When these bugs get exposed, fear push us to security. And as Batman says, fear is a tool!

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An easy Media Server and Time Machine

I hate mess… So I like remote solutions!

One thing that bothers me is the USB cable that I always have connected on my computer. On it’s other end, lies a 1TB Hard Drive that stores my Time Machine backup.

From time to time I stream movies via Plex from the same hard disk. That’s because I don’t want to store movies on my low capacity Macbook Air.

Since I got my Chromecast, Plex has gone to the top of my “Useful Software” list as it supports Chromecast and I can stream the Movies without connecting a HDMI cable.

So what I need? A HDD in my network that hosts my media and my backups.

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