A smart and witty Martian

Just yesterday I finished reading The Martian. I wont lie, this book is not for eveyone but I really liked it.

Mark Whitney, an engineer and botanist, was left on Mars by accident and he has to survive some years since he has even a chance to get back to Earth.

While he is at the same time the luckiest and unluckiest person on Mars he manages to crack jokes all the time.

Here are some of the highlights I made on Kindle (WARNING! Minor spoilers ahead, proceed with caution)!

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Questions after No

It was a rough and fast week. From the announcement of the Greek referendum to the announcement of the final and big No.

That was little time to think about many things for me and for everyone.

However the million (Euro?) question was the following:

What is the plan?

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WTF?! Oh shit! #Greferendum

That was me checking twitter two nights ago while getting ready for an exam.

I jumped from my study and fired up the TV.

Alexis Tsipras announced that there will be a referendum next Sunday on whether to accept a deal made by the three institutions or not.

The government asked people to answer no while not explaining what that means. Most experts however agree that this will lead to a Grexit.

All this happens while the current program, thus life support of Greece’s banking system, is ending on Tuesday with institutions refusing an extension.

I froze and went for a walk to see an image like the one above at any ATM around.

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Higher education and higher education communities like college are not dead

This is a response to “Is College Dead? Class From A Student’s Perspective” and it was originally posted on Medium__.

As you have learned by now, college is not a must to start a business. There are people who own successful businesses and have not finished high-school. They learned by experience what you have learned in class (and in life).

That goes both ways. The fact that someone finishes college does not mean he/she is entitled to a great job.

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