The ways of the Quad

Recently a bunch of equipment made its way to my workbench and I’m invigorated! So I figured it’s high time we continued our trip.

The vertical take-off and landing aircraft I am building, will use a quadcopter or X8 (like a quadcopter with double motors) configuration to successfully justify the vertical part of it’s title.

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Aircraft design the NASA way

I have not said anything about it here but my thesis is about a VTOL aircraft. That stands for Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft. If this is nonsense to you, don’t worry. You can just watch Jeremy Clarkson explain it in TopGear fashion in the video bellow.

Basically it combines a copter and a plane allowing to take off and land without the need for an airstrip like a copter but cruise at the speed of a plane providing autonomy. It’s a rad concept.

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Shooting film

Remember when my camera had the worst swim ever?

Well, I figured I could use the old film camera my grandfather bought on one of his trips. It is a Pentax camera from the 60s, very advanced for it’s age and relatively new as they mostly used it for family pictures. It has only manual controls, it looks cool and I could learn a thing or two from the absence of any automation.

So I picked up a film cartridge from Kodak and threw the camera in my backpack before a daytrip to Patras where I had some chores to run for my thesis.

The results were gratifying! Much better than what I was expecting.

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MARVELlous Music

OK, Marvel Entertainment, LLC or whatever your full name is. What you are doing to music, it has to… Continue!

I just finished the latest Marvel superhero series. It’s about the indestructible black man named Luke Cage. He lives in Harlem, NY and wants to be left alone but personal reasons convince him to fight the mafia leaving me once again astonished by the selection of music made by the producers.

On that note (when you see it), I want to make a recap of the music Marvel brought to my attention. Some of this was really new to me and some of this was really old to me. I will give you the link for the song that stuck in your head and you couldn’t Shazam but first let’s get some things straight for the uninitiated.

It all started with Guardians of the Galaxy and the Awesome Mix Vol 1:

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Is it futile to un-Google?

I was watching Citizenfour the other day so you may understand my confusion.

I can say that I am privacy aware. On a high level, I understand how things work. I use a different strong password for everything, I have a GPG key and I opt for using open source services that make security a priority.

However I still use services that are not so privacy centric. I use Facebook and nearly all Google Services (Search, Gmail, Drive, Photos, etc.). These two alone can show you everything about me.

According to Edward Snowden’s revelations everything is busted. Dropbox, Google, Apple. You are not safe.

On the bright side, Snowden notes that the big software companies are doing steps in the right direction.

But let’s say I stop using services from these companies and find alternatives. Am I really doing anything except dealing with bad UX experiences and beta software?

Any time I email somebody who uses Gmail — and anytime they email me — Google has that email.

That was what Benjamin Mako Hill who maintains his own mail server realised and tried to estimate how much of his emails Google has. Here are his findings.

TL;DR; 51% of his email at the year of measurement had passed through Google’s servers. Just wow! This guy works so hard and spends so much money every year to avoid this and there he goes.

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