Open thy house


As I rise above the ground somewhere in the centre of Athens, my phone starts chiming hard. It’s the third call from Dimitra reminding me once again that I am late. I figure it is time to answer.

“Morning! I am steps away… I just need to find the entrance.”

“Hurry up! It’s almost our turn at the queue”, she mumbles.

It is the fourth year that the Open House project takes place in Athens. Open House is an institution for the promotion of architecture. The public is kindly invited to explore and understand the value of architecture and naturally one must respond to such invitation. Sunday’s adventure involves exploring private and public spaces through Athens that participate in the initiative with architectural tours. Hooray! Continue reading “Open thy house”

Surviving an attack from the Chinese


Among the ridiculous projects I have had out in the open, the most long running one is called It is a dead simple, tiny linux machine inspired by Paul Ford’s People respectfully use together that machine in their shared quest to learn and build awesome web pages.

However it was a surprise when one of the users sent me a private email with a security concern.

Here I must mention that the pattern you can spot when reading this and my previous post is purely coincidental. I will stop with the email fanfare, I promise. On with the email:

From bob
Subject: Strange connection or only my imagination?
Hey Tasos
I have noticed a very strange connection to your server from various ip address which are also listed in block ip for previous abouse pages you should check:
Both are from china, they connect to your server port on 22 but strangely they do not show up as user.

As one might notice, this is not good. I should dig in. Continue reading “Surviving an attack from the Chinese”

A pile of scam

Some time ago I got that email.

FROM: Francisco May
TO: Tasos
SUBJECT: Re: i await your urgent respond

Hi Tasos,

Compliment of the day, am happy to hear from you again, I am Ms. May Ann Francisco, a staff of the PNB — Philippine National Bank — Pasay City. here in the Philippines. I have a project for you, Is it confidential to discuss here? Well, my percentage is good for an offer but before I begin with you, are you comfortable being an international partner to a project?.

I will await for your response before I give you more vital details on this project. Your response to my email will be kept confidential.

Ms. May Ann Francisco

May Ann knows my name and somehow it’ s not our first dance. Probably this is a legit offer but it would be wise to investigate. I am intrigued so I respond. Continue reading “A pile of scam”