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  • The Ultimate Moka Pot Technique (Episode #3) – YouTube  Sep 4, 2022
  • Belt-Drives – General  Aug 30, 2022
    Belt-drive problems, which include shaft misalignment, pulley misalignment, belt wear, belt resonance, belts too tight, belts too loose, pulley eccentricity and bent shafts, can be relatively straight forward to detect but can be far more difficult to specifically diagnose and correct. That is mainly due to the wide variety of problems that can occur in the installation and assembling of the belt drive, the difficulty of doing field testing on belts and the possibility of other influences (i.e. the base) having some effect. 
  • Jason Fried on Why He Doesn’t Do Planning or Politics at Work  Aug 29, 2022
    The Basecamp and HEY cofounder discusses the power of short-term thinking, his framework for startup longevity, and the key thing he looks for when hiring remote.
  • Anything You Want | Derek Sivers  Aug 27, 2022
    Quick business book
  • Auto-fit Vs Auto-fill  Aug 25, 2022
    Fit stuff with CSS. Always tricky

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