Milos – Sea, See, Eat, Drink

While in love or alone, Milos is a place to enjoy the sand and sun. Bellow are some musts from my visit. I will not bore you with the unpleasant or meh experiences. Only with the great and there were many.


First order of business about a week before your trip, book a boat toor. Before you book watch the weather for the best possible date in terms of wind. is a great site for that.

The trip we took was with Volcano boat and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. You spend a lot of time at unreachable by car beaches and they get you local treats between stops. During the end you do snorkeling at Kleftiko with the help of experienced divers.

Snorkeling photo

Beyond that, regarding the beaches you will visit every day, I really liked Paleochori (visited twice). The sand is hot, the water cold and if you have a mask you will enjoy the underwater landscapes.

Deep Blue bar, Paleochori
Deep Blue bar, Paleochori

Second in my ranking comes Agia Kyriaki. The beach bar is good, and the water perfect.

Agia Kyriaki image from Google as I was too chill to shoot

Must swims include Alogomantra and Fyropotamos.

Alogomantra beach
Alogomantra beach
Fyropotamos beach
Fyropotamos beach

After that do what you want. The island has 90+ beaches, you’ll never catch them all in a way that’s worth it.


You must be wandering where is Sarakiniko in the above list.

Sarakiniko is to see but not to waste a swim on. You can spend a couple of hours there exploring and taking pictures.

Anna in Sarakiniko
Girl jumps from a ledge in the Sarakiniko waters
Girl jumps from a ledge in the Sarakiniko waters
The Sarakiniko fields
The Sarakiniko wasteland dream

Another place you should see is Klima. This location hosted the homes of many fishermen. The doors are colored because the fishermen needed to spot their home from afar and with the help of wires get them inside to protect them. Must visit at sundown.

Sunset hour at Klima
Sunset hour at Klima
Man in front of his door in Klima
Man in front of his door at Klima

The last sunset to schedule is at the top of the Castle at Plaka. The view is amazing.

We had the luck to visit while a storm was taking place at the distance.

Sunset at the Castle of Plaka
Sunset at Plaka castle while storming


Bariello is the best place for creative Greek cuisine. As a renounced critic I ranked it with 9/10. Takis is an exemplary host.

While in Plaka, visit Palaio for traditional deserts. Orange pie and Galaktompoureko are verified by me.

This section omits pictures as the food got eaten as it hit the table.


There are very few places. Verina Cocktail Bar at Plaka is the best.

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