Running streak

For 5 days now I run every day morning or afternoon. And it’s great!

I tried to form this habit many times in the past but for some reason it did not stick. At some point, my excuse would be that I could not find time and one day out of the loop was enough to throw me out of it.

Casey is very motivating in that stuff so for the first time I decided to make running (among other things) a priority.

Why running is great

First of all, I generally feel better. Much better.

I feel more accountable for my diet and I drink a lot less on social occasions. I am more likely to be more focused on other tasks and I move 80% more.

A run gets almost an hour from my day which is OK. Especially when it is at 6.30 in the morning. In that hour, I feel free and I can do things I don’t do so often anymore. That is listening to music, snap some pictures but mostly think and clear my mind.

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After that I have time for a good shower and a breakfast (not on rush) which is magic. There I get down on zeroing my inbox and by 9 o’clock it is already a good day. The rest of the day I feel more focused and I start working at full mode earlier.

Running with a friend is strongly recommended. Especially if they are in better shape than you. Yesterday I run with a friend and she is regularly exercising. It was pretty intense but it pushed my limits and I covered more distance with almost double the pace.

How to track things (aka. Toys)

Tracking things helps a lot to stay on track and do better every time. However the point here is to go as simple as possible.

I have used Nike+ and Runkeeper to track my runs. I think I prefer Runkeeper as it is snappier and more stable.

For music I use Spotify as ever and a party playlist.

The more convenient thing is the bluetooth earbuds. If you use them once, everything else feels bulky.

I use these cheap ones so I don’t have to worry. They last 2-3 hours which is pretty good for what I need.

Having said all this, if you feel like running, please do! :)

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