#bansports or #fixsports?

If sports and mostly the competition did not exist I would not have been the individual I am today.

Competition in biology, ecology, and sociology, is a contest between organisms, animals, individuals, groups, etc., for territory, a niche, or a location of resources,for resources and goods, mates, for prestige, recognition, awards, or group or social status, for leadership.

This is where the problems grow. No man that enjoys a good run or play/watch a game of basketball can do any harm.

Competition is great so it attracts money for greater results. Without it there are no sports and no interest in them. Even if we run alone we want to be in competition with ourself. To beat our last record or cover a bigger distance.

So far so good.

However this is where the word professional comes in and where bad practices begin like excessive pressure, unauthorized (or “authorized”) supplements, athlete exploitation (see March Madness) and so on.

Sport events take huge extends some times and fan behavior can be dangerous or lethal. Once in Greece on the year 1981 and at the end of a football match 21 people died because some stepped on them literally.

As with many things in our current society like diversity, xenophobia, etc. the problem can be solved with better education even if the lack of it cannot be blamed as the main factor of this problem’s origin. People get excited with exciting stuff and if we are to ban sports we should start with other stuff first.

People like sports and there is nothing wrong with it. They like sports and sport events from the ancient times so we can say that this is a thing that is not going anywhere and we cannot realistically ban it due to some incidents. And we shouldn’t.

What we should do is Fix Sports!

Educate athletes and mostly their families, coaches and if possible the fans.

Sports build character like nothing I’ve seen. Me and my teamates are a valid example of this. Maybe we were just lucky and had a great coach and great families but hey, there are many examples just like us for this to be a coincidence.

So, don’t #bansports! #fixsports!

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