Working with people

The world nowadays works in teams and as you may know I’ ve been involved in many teams around this time.

This team can be a startup, a group, a hackerspace or even you and your friends.
When some people do something together they are a team. And a good team acts like a good piece of machinery.

Working in teams is hard but also very efficient.
If a team is managed correctly, many extraordinary things can be done.

This is what I’ve understood about being in teams and learning from my mistakes and others’.

Score the Goal fast

I am not a football fan by any means but it is pretty straightforward that your sole concern is to put the ball behind the line.

It doesn’t really matter if you do it from the centre of the stadium with the most cinematic way or you do it with a simple boring move.

Either way you get one point.

Don’t over-thing about the best way to do something. It results almost always to a lot of talking and less doing.

Just do it!

Temporary does not exist

Give final solutions. Not placeholders.

When you need to make a choice, never reschedule it with a wrong response. You will forget about it and learn to live with it.

So make every decision count by choosing the best solution at the time. You can always fine-tune later.

Stay motivated

Being in a team can be exhausting but when you accomplish stuff, this does not matter.

However it is very common to get stuck. Your hands are tied and you can’t move.
When in this position don’t panic but do something to get cracking.

For as long you stay frozen, your team develops tension and if it reaches critical tension points often or stays on them for a long time, it might break.

When machines are static they rust and break.

As Pascal Finette says, Always run. Never walk.

Be precise and push when needed

You have to be clear and precise to others. Give them all the info that is needed and also demand it.

Also when the job at hand must finish, don’t wait for the others. Do the most you can and push them to do their part.

Log everything

There should be a log of the team and things should not rely on memory.

Write down what happens when it happens and when the time comes you will be glad you did.

But be bold but straight

You cannot afford to keep things inside. Listen to people and they will listen to you.

When you find that you don’t agree with something, tell it to the other’s face with care, not with grudge.

One can get defensive or better. If you do it the right way and everyone keeps an open mind, most of the times you will hit the second case.

Value human relations

Many times we tend to forget that our teammates most of the times are also friends.

More often we forget about friends and people outside of the team. They are the ones who support you and you are the one who supports them.

Remember to have time for everyone. Most of all remember to have time for new connections.

That’s the only way you will meet more and more amazing people.

Be positive

Hard times will come but also happy ones that make up for everything.

Solve your problems quickly and don’t blame others.

The thing you do best is to solve problems.
Put it in use for the things you can do something and don’t bother with things you can’ t do something about.

Hope I was of help. You can speak your mind in the comments! :)

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