My edX Wishlist

Due to a violent occupation of the ECE Department of the University of Patras from students that has led to the semester’s loss, me and my friends are gonna end up with some extra free time.
We may study the next subjects by our selves or we can have some top notch professors and universities to teach us.

Here is my (long and very unreal) edX whishlist:

Robot Mechanics and Control, Part I

I am actually doing this one now. It is very comprehensive and teaches the basics of kinematic chains and degrees of freedom. It is pretty fundamental stuff explained in the best way possible.

Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds

Basic circuits and micro controller introduction. As internet of things and wearables are considered the great thing for the next couple of years this is a must to grasp the basics

Innovation and Commercialization

How innovative products are made. Not a must but it is interesting.

Economics of Cybersecurity

With 2 major breaches in the last six months cyber security is a hot topic alright. Impacts on the economy are starting to show, so if you care about that stuff this seems good.

Mastering Quantum Mechanics

Always wanted to be able to say the above. A dream coming true!

Signals and Systems, Part 2 

No introductions here. You can skip part one if you’re already familiar with the basics.

Circuits and Electronics

Refresh your circuits skills and knowledge. Basic stuff again.

Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering was my second choice but I find it very interesting.

Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

Great innovations happen in that sector. As graphene enters our lives a we should refresh organic chemistry at least.

Underactuated Robotics

Walking and swimming robots. Nothing to say here.

Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science

Learn to break problems to smaller problems. This is the first step to problem-solving, for this is actually what we do.

The Science of Happiness

Don’t worry be happy!

Εntrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?

One of the main entrepreneurial problems.

Building Mobile Experiences

Mobile is everywhere now and as a result implementations of mobile experiences interest us.

Discrete-Time Signal Processing

Aka. DSP.

This list is a completely personal collection choices resulting from a 5 minutes scrolling research. You can surely find something that interest you out there.

Other sites that provide courses are:

Hope I helped.

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