Jekyll for Android

Some months ago I ditched my WordPress blog and fall for a platform calledJekyll (I wrote about it here).

Being hosted on Github was a great advantage but what happens when I want to post from my smartphone or tablet?

Cloning the whole project with some client and pushing it up again seemed stupid for just one file, the setup of which was pleasant because the filename should be something in the form of:

and the beginning of the file:

layout: post
title: "The Title"
summary: ""

So these days I started a little project called Jekyll for Android.

It is a little simple client for android that allows you to publish a post on your Jekyll blog if it is hosted on Github!

It it uses Github’s API and offers a Markdown Preview to check if your post looks ok (very Alpha feature) .

If you find it useful fork it, make it better or just use it!

You can find the project here!

P.S.: I wrote this post with it so it looks like it works! :p

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