Open Source is cool but don’t be an asshole

OMGUbuntu! had an article recently about the well known text editor Sublime Text 2.

This editor is fantastic! It can be customised in any way you imagine to fit your needs and taste. There is also a great community that builds plugins and you can build your own pretty easily. It also support some great features and you can see a demonstration at their homepage. Please go! I can wait!

You saw it? Good!

You wanna know how much it costs? 70 bucks (almost 10% of an average notebook) and its not open source.

There is though an unlimited evaluation period with a notification window punching you every n-time you save something.

I don’t care for the price. It’s a high quality tool and the licence part is very straight forward. How much they charge is their choice and if you buy it it’s yours. You evaluate it, you buy it or you leave it if you don’t like the price or the product. It’s about what works for you. You can just continue using what you used before.

The not open source stuff makes things difficult for some as you see. The same guy continued with some crap that he does not infest his computer with proprietary software and that proprietary software is somehow “fishy”. He got almost equal Upvotes & Downvotes in this comment so you see the opinion of the community on the subject. If you follow up with him on other comments in the same article he becomes pricky and eventually thrown out of the conversation.

The truth is that he is using closed source software on his computer if he ever views a YouTube video (Adobe Flash), listens to mp3 audio or even searches the web with any search engine (Google, DuckDuckGo).

Open Source is cool and I love it, but not everything is open source and if someone wants to make a living from his product he maybe can’t give it to you for free every time or give you the source. Why? Because he doesn’t want to! So simple!

It’s the same like saying I give you a screwdriver for 10 bucks with complete instructions how to replicate it and another one for 11 bucks that is more comfortable for you because of some features it carries and will help you to do your job better but it does not provide the replicating instructions. This is your choice to make.

Don’t be an asshole

Make your choices and don’t get angry with the guy that made the tool for his choices.

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